On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6:20:54 AM UTC+1, Elias Mårtenson wrote:
> On Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:52:03 UTC+8, Yuraeitha  wrote:
> > This is really weird indeed... there somehow seems to be a time or random 
> > factor involved? I believe there were a few before us too, who also had 
> > problems for a while even after a restart, but it was resolved eventually 
> > on 
> > its own? (At least that's the impression I got from reading those posts). 
> > Now 
> > the same happened to me, it just went away on its own. Then the question 
> > is, 
> > what is triggering this "delay"?
> > 
> > Could it be some system cache of sorts? also did you install 
> > current-testing? 
> > That's the one I used today. I also sometimes have to do 'clean all' or 
> > restart sys-net and sys-firewall, for the updater to work properly, which 
> > either can't find the updates or return PGP check errors. Sometimes I need 
> > to 
> > do both, but typically the VM restart is just needed when PGP errors come 
> > up 
> > during downloads. if I don't do that once in a while, especially if the 
> > system has been running for a while, then I've frequently run into these 
> > issues the last 14 days or so. It may be a long shot, but you can try these 
> > things out too. For example I use qubes-dom0-update --action='clean all' 
> > and 
> > then clean all in the respective template too.
> I figured it out.
> The problem was indeed that the template had not been updated to testing. 
> This was caused by the repositories file being reverted back to its original 
> (non-testing) state. I believe this was caused by me executing the wrong Salt 
> state when I was experimenting with that previously.
> Thanks a lot for the help, both you and Marek.

Good you got it working (:

It's still frustrating me a bit though, I never found out what triggered the 
fix for me, besides the extra update that had no qubes-tools in it like the 
first one had. Either something is wrong with my system, or I did a user 
mistake. Guess I'll draw the long straw, and just get rid of RC-3 and install 
RC-4 without confirmation whether it'd any good to do so. I'll probably never 
find out the reason, but it's starting to make me a bit uneasy whether it could 
have been due to Qubes RC-3 or not. Either way, it may still have been a user 
mistake, but at least it wasn't the update command (I use arrow up to get the 
command from last time I updated, and when checking the last commands, it's 
still correct) or the lack of restarts (which I tried). I've verified both of 
these multiple of times over before the fix kicked in. This weird behavior 
makes me a bit uneasy, I wonder if RC-3 could have explained it or not. In the 
end it may just have been that I missed something and did a mistake, but not 
having an answer to this weird issue bugs me. But I probably won't be able to 
find answers though, so maybe it's best to just forget about it and move on 
(after I get rid of RC-3, just to be on the safe side, and maybe it fixes those 
annoying update cache issues I've experiencing recently).

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