Hello everyone, 
I have been selected to write documentation for Qubes OS during the Season 
of Docs <https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/>. I am glad to have 
opportunity to contribute to this project.
During my time as a technical writer for Qubes OS, I intend to work on 
creating a guide for firstboot users 
among other things (please have a look here 
<https://www.qubes-os.org/gsod/#project-ideas-list> for other ideas 
submitted by the Qubes OS team.) 

The community bonding phase will last until beginning of September. After 
that, I will start to work on creating documentation. During the community 
bonding phase, I intend to do the following : 

   - Review other Season of Docs projects submitted by technical writers
      - There are great projects over there. I intend to get ideas and 
      inspiration from them.
   - Review current QubesOS documentation
      - There is already quite a bit of documentation : I don't intend to 
      reinvent the wheel. I will try to spot gaps and areas in need of 
      - Review current user and devel Qubes OS lists.
      - Is there any pattern appearing ? What is causing the most headache 
      amongst users ?
   - Ask the community what they would like to see improved
      - You know it better than I do :)
      - Find a stable configuration under KVM
      - Aside from my laptop, I am using KVM to virtualize Qubes OS 
      (although it would be neat to try to virtualize Qubes OS within Qubes 
      It will help me to document the early steps of the installation process 
      experiment (= do stupid things you shouldn't do on a production system). 
      - [DONE] Review GitHub issues related to documentation
      - I will write a summary and share it with you
      - Submit my first PR
*A few points of discussion*

   - Is there anything else you believe I should be doing during this phase 
   (or shouldn't be doing)?
   - What is the most up-to-date diagram of Qubes OS ? 
   - Should I set up a form and ask the community what they would like to 
   see improved ? 
   - Is there a place Qubes technical specifications can be found ? (ASLR; 
   Spectre mitigation ; Kernel hardening ; and so forth) 
   - Would it be nice to have comparaison between Qubes OS and other 
   operating systems ? (Like Windows; ChromeOS ; Ubuntu ; Tails ; Genode; 
   Subgraph; Alpine; and so forth) 
   - Would it make sense to try to make a comparaison between AppVMs, lxc 
   and docker containers, snaps, solaris jails, etc ? 

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