I am also having problems installing Qubes R3.1 to the Samsung T3 External SSD 
500GB. Using a pgp and hash verified iso that passes the media verification 
test. Running on a Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20GHz.

The install fails on the "creating swap" step with an "unknown error". 
devices.py line 788 is at the top of the error.

Also, manual partitioning doesn't work. Trying to create the "/" or "/boot" 
parition results in the error "cannot create aligned partition" or something. 
Clicking the "automatically create partitions" link in the partition page gives 
an error along the lines of "the root / partition does not exist" and "the boot 
partition does not exist".

I have tried switching the external SSD from a 3.0 port to a 2.0 port to avail. 

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