On 07/06/2016 04:52 PM, Andrew David Wong wrote:
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On 2016-07-06 04:40, Jeral A wrote:

I'm having problem during the Qubes Release 3.2-rc1 installation.
During the installation process error message displays, informing
me that the "chrony" package won't be installed. Here is the whole
error message text: You have specified that the package 'chrony'
should be installed. This package does not exist. Would you like to
ignore this package and continue with installation?

If I press "Yes", then the installation process continues, but
after the system runs first time, another error message appears:

After that the system starts normally, but I can't find any
preinstalled VMs (sys-net, sys-firewall, work, personal etc).

Had a similar effect during my second install. At the time I had backups of VM's waiting to get re-installed, so I didn't take note of which vm's where missing at the time. I did see the chrony error. What I did different in relation to the first install, was setting timezone and keyboard. At the first install, I adjusted the settings _after_ the install. Could be the two issues below are related?

Maybe a fresh install with default settings?




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