On Thursday, 7 July 2016 18:27:40 UTC+10, Andrew David Wong  wrote:

> It's on hold until we can find a GNOME/GTK developer:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/join/#tocAnchor-1-1-5

Ahh, well, the things I build for my own use in Qubes aren't built using the 
normal GTK and all that.

I know how to program in many different languages, but what I build to be 
reliable are not in those languages because I'm not 100% in those areas.

I can make my way through things, but they are not my best areas.

I don't have all these skills. 

yes > Python
yes > Shell scripting
yes > System configuration (basic services, startup scripts etc)
yes > Git, make
?   > (Optional) networking, firewalling
?   > (Optional) X11 protocol (raw)
yes > (Optional) GUI frameworks (Gtk, Qt)
may > (Optional) kernel and/or hypervisor debugging skills
no  > (Optional) low level stuff (UEFI, PCI communication, including IOMMU, 
networking down to ethernet layer, Xen backend/frontend interfaces)
no  > (Optional) libvirt internals
nvr > (Optional) salt stack
umm > (Optional) advanced desktop environment configuration, including writing 
plugins (KDE, Gnome)

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