Hi guys,

I am sending this in primarily because the current HCL list online shows
the E6420 in yellow.

Whereas my experience (as of several months right now with a slightly
newer model: i7-2640M) is that Qubes works flawlessly with this
machine, from install right through to the present. I could just wish
for an SSD and a bit more RAM (currently 8G) but I really cannot find
anything to complain about except for secondary issues like the lack of
ready-to-download Ubuntu and ArchLinux templates and updates. (I know
there are license issues with Ubuntu....)

Many thanks for the hard work of everyone who has gotten us this far.
My custom is to always keep a second machine in a near-identical state
as a fallback, and Qubes has now become sufficiently essential to my
digital existence that I am now shopping for a second Qubes machine so
that I will have the requisite two. Ie. Qubes OS is now my full-time
"forever" desktop environment.

As far as marketing goes, some focus should really be directed at the
virtual currency crowd. Qubes' uber-security is a natural fit for those
keeping digital wallets on their desktops.


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