On Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 10:56:37 AM UTC+1, Alex wrote:
> On 08/03/2016 11:39 AM, JPL wrote:
> > [...]
> > Can someone tell me what difference the following settings will
> > make:
> > 
> > - Initial memory min / max. I'm going for 500/3000 fo0r all as I have
> > 8GB memory. Reasonable?
> Don't overprovision for system-related VMs. A netVM will rarely need
> more than 1GB, same for firewallVM.
> You appVMs may vary: in my work vm, where I use 2 IDEs (Android Studio
> and MonoDevelop) + android emulator + firefox + thunderbird, I capped at
> 10GB and it works ok. My workstation has 32GB ram.
> > - VCPUs - defaults to 2 but I can pick a maximum of 8. Which should I
> > choose (processor is Intel i7)?
> Don't overprovision vCPUs: the hypervisor will have to find *that many*
> cores free at the same time to run your VM, and that's why VMWare
> recommends 1vCPU for every VM on their ESX/ESXi infrastructure that you
> can upgrade to 2 if needed.
> I am against giving more than 2 vCPUs per VM in Qubes, and I recommend
> careful experiments when tweaking this value (increment by 1 and test
> with your actual workload, if there are performance gains or losses).
> > - Tickbox for include in memory balancing. What difference does this
> > make? Should I tick it for all VMs?
> You cannot have memory balancing enabled for VMs with devices attached;
> apart from that, there's no actual reason to allocate fixed amounts of
> RAM for you VMs. Say, you dedicated 10GB out of 16 to one important VM,
> but now you're just upgrading your templates with all the appVMs turned
> off, and you'd like the templates to benefit of all available memory
> without having to manually correct allocations. Or you just closed your
> personal Firefox instance to gain a little room for a big compilation in
> the work AppVM.
> TL;DR: I think the defaults provided in Qubes are reasonably ok, and
> while they may be changed if needed, changes should be tested carefully
> - knobs are inter-dependent, and giving "more" of any one may actually
> reduce performance overall, or for specific tasks.
> -- 
> Alex

Thanks for the detailed answer Alex. Makes sense now. Cheers

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