On Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 6:05:39 PM UTC+3, J. Eppler wrote:
> Hello, 
> till now the argument of Qubes OS was that there are no laptops with AMD 
> CPU's or APU's which Qubes OS can run on. 
> Qubes OS primary focus is on laptops and than on workstations. 
> Qubes OS uses Xen to isolate "qubes" (vms) from each other. Xen can run on 
> AMD, Intel, ARM and other platforms. Therefor Qubes itself is not dependent 
> on the hardware itself. Qubes depends on certain virtualization extensions 
> like Second Level Address Translation (SLAT), CPU virtualization extension 
> and IO-Virtualization (IOMMU). AMD has all those virtualization features. So, 
> in theory Qubes OS could run on AMD chips.
> The problem till now was that AMD was not producing any hardware which was 
> able to compete with Intel's quasi mono pole. This changed with this weeks 
> AMD Zen announcement. The next question is: when does AMD Zen CPU's will 
> appear in laptops? 
> The next question is, will AMD offer SEV support for consumer CPU's?

I thought I read somewhere that Qubes is moving to hardware-enabled 
virtualization, though? Zen laptops were supposed to arrive first half of 2017, 
but I think they got delayed to second half of 2017 now. So yeah, it will be a 
while until enough people have these. But a Qubes/OEM partnership could still 
make them relevant sooner. I don't know if ZEV will be in all consumer chips, 
but considering SGX is in Skylake+ now, I would hope so. AMD does seem to 
target this at "cloud companies" in their paper, though...I'm sure we'll find 
out more about it by early next year.

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