Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if you can apply this documentation 
https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/anonymizing-your-mac-address/ to your disposable 
VM (like if you like to browse the internet being safe, not saving any data but 
also preserving your anonymity, in a way like Tails do).

I tried to apply this on the AppVM-dvm, stopped it, then entered 
"qvm-create-default-dvm nameoftheTemplateVM-on-which-is-based-the-AppVM" in 
dom0, so eventually it would save the configuration on the img on which is 
based the new Disposable VM, but it don't seem to work, my interface ID don't 
change when I type "/sbin/ifconfig" into the new DispVM.

I guess the problem comes from the fact the TemplateVM creates a symlink to 
/etc/systemd/ to load the service, but as you don't have persistence in dispVM, 
the process fails, but I'm not sure.

If you have an idea on one could eventually do this, I think it would be a 
great feature (even if it is already really nice to be able to do so on 
standard VMs, problem is when you're paranoid you have to trade off in a way 
between a non anonymous but full secured non persistent model for a more 
anonymous but less secured one, lol)

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