Well I wasn't aware routing / forwarding can be such complex, and indeed it is 
a full time job, you can't become network admin just like that, it takes time. 
So I realized I shouldn't have posted here, my bad. Any admin feel free to 
delete this subject if you want to, no problem.

So I am actually gathering knowledge on the subject to be able eventually at 
the end of the day to create a very little local Qubes network with a serverVM 
to host my website/a clientVM to test it/a proxyVM acting as a router :) I 
followed a course refering a lot to the old "route" cmd on Linux, but no 
chance, I can't make it run or install it on Qubes, the cmd has been 
depreciated, now you need to use iproute2 !
Hopefully I just found another tutorial in french to understand how to use 
iproute http://www.inetdoc.net/guides/lartc/lartc.iproute2.explore.html

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