> Problem description:
> After using the system all day (including unlocking and unlocking the
> screen just fine) and then leaving it overnight I come back to a
> blank screen.
> Doing a Ctrl-Alt-F2 gives me a command prompt but I can't get X to
> respond (with Ctrl-Alt-F1).
> After a reboot all is well until after some apparently random period
> it happens again.
> I've gone through the screen locker and power management settings in
> Xfce (turned power management off) and turned of power management in
> BIOS.  No joy.
> System spec: Qubes RC2 rc2 running Xfce on Intel NUC5i5YRH with 16G
> ssd.  Kde is also installed but I'm not using it.
> Has anyone got a solution? -- Richard

Hi, I'm having a similar issue, which I believe may be caused by a bug
in xfce. I posted about it here in a previous thread:

Best of luck!

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