On Friday, 2 September 2016 00:31:15 UTC+10, p.@.com  wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am thinking of installing Qubesos on my laptop but before that I would like 
> to play with it before installation. The only option I know is to install it 
> under Vmware. I know this solution is not supported but for educational and 
> learning purposes it would be good to be able to do that.
> Does anybody know if this is possible ? I tried to install it under Vmware 
> but it failed. Any workarounds ? I can even lower the security of QubesOS (if 
> this is somehow possible) to achieve it - this is just for educational 
> purposes.
> Any help ?
> Best regards
> Przemek

If you want to put Qubes under VMWare, I recommend 3.0, it installs every time.

If you have a server, then install Qubes under ESXi, it's what I did, and I've 
not had issues doing it many times before I then put it onto my actual PC.
Qubes 2 also installs easily under VMWare, even on Player or Workstation on 
local PC. Just be sure you have enough Virtual HDD space for it. (32 GB+)

As for 3.2 I'm not sure, I just put it on my Laptop using an HDD I had lying 

So that is 1 way you can accomplish this too.
 - Get another HDD that you have lying around.
 - Install onto that on your PC.
 - Mount HDD under VMWARE.
 - Clone HDD to virtual disk.

 - Boot and start the VM with only the virtual disk.

This method has to sometimes be used, as I was told when I had issues at one 
point on my particular hardware (My laptop).

I did that, and it worked fine under VMWare Player 6.

On ESXi I installed directly on ESXi 5.5, worked first time.

So there are many options to get it working under VMWare.

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