I'm looking for some suggestions for running a "maximally-secure" media
server that will access an encrypted USB hard drive for it's storage. It
can and probably should be read-only to the media-server software.

A few possibilities I can think of listed from assumed lowest security
to highest security:

1) run the media server in the sys-usb VM.
2) stop sys-usb VM and run another VM that doesn't start on boot but has
access to all the USB devices and is run manually after boot
3) run another VM that only has one "locked down" dedicated USB device
and remove that device from sys-usb VM permanently
4) run another VM that accesses the storage through sys-usb (I am
unfamiliar with this, but assmue it's possible)

The media-server software will by non-proprietary (DLNA compliant) and open.

All thoughts are welcome, including those that say "don't do it." If
there's something else I should be reading instead, please let me know.


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