I have calibrated my yellow screen using argyllcms. I don't attach usb devices 
to dom0 so installed it in sys-usb as well. used 
https://encrypted.pcode.nl/blog/2013/11/24/display-color-profiling-on-linux/ as 
a rough guide. to get the calibration done you just need to run dispcal and 
then transfer the calibration file to dom0. then test it with "dispwin xxx.cal" 
in dom0. if happy, create an autostart item with that command (probably, using 
the full path to the calibration file) and you're done.

I went further and created an icc profile for use in firefox and photo 
software. note that some displays use proprietory colour-mixing algorithms so 
Linux tools may be ineffective with them :( (e.g., pentile matrix on some very 
high resolution screens)

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