I know that QubesOS is developed mostly with notebook use in mind, however some 
users, me included, opt to run it on desktop computers. The question is, is 
there any advantage of building a Qubes-dedicated machine on workstation/server 
Will Qubes be able to take advantage of higher core count in Xeon processors? 
Or two processors if a user decides to build a dual-CPU rig? 
Does the system performance scale with the number of available cores/ clock 
Can it take advantage of ECC RAM?
Server hardware that is few years old can be bought for dirt cheap (Xeon 
E5-2670 has 8 cores and costs about 75$).

I'll be upgrading from my current PC and I'm seriously considering building a 
rig around a Xeon processor and a motherboard with ECC RAM but if there is no 
real benefit then what's the point?

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