Le samedi 10 septembre 2016 04:57:17 UTC+2, Chris Laprise a écrit :
> On 09/08/2016 04:41 AM, nishiwak...@gmail.com wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am struggling to have VPN work while using it with Tor, I can't have both 
> > work.
> >
> > I tried first to follow Mrs. Rutkowska's tutorial on setting up a clear Tor 
> > proxyVM 
> > https://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.de/2011/09/playing-with-qubes-networking-for-fun.html
> >  but unfortunately I can't make it work.
> >
> > "QUBES_IP=$(xenstore-read qubes_ip)" line doesn't seem to work. If I 
> > replace "(xenstore-read qubes_ip)" with proxyVM's IP then script works but 
> > then I have to set up /etc/tor/torrc to achieve to connect Tor Browser in 
> > another AppVM. I guess this setup is too complicated for me.
> >
> > Then I read whonix documentation 
> > https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_a_VPN_before_Tor, to 
> > check what I need to do to avoid reinstalling my VPN into a whonix gateway 
> > and just use it as a proxy VM before Tor.
> Although its straightforward to get the opposite working (Tor -> VPN -> 
> Internet -- just follow the Qubes vpn doc and connect sys-whonix to the 
> vpn vm) there are wrinkles to iron out when getting it to work as you 
> describe.

Indeed it is easier to make it work the other way, but problem is that even if 
I kinda trust my VPN provider, who claims not to keep connection logs, I don't 
like to have my connection go through 1 spot in 1 country (you can create 
multiple openvpn.conf file, but this is not very convenient to use). I guess 
this is irrelevant to look for anonymity with this bottle neck effect. When I 
purchased a VPN subscription, I saw it as a way to improve anonymity, now I 
feel it is more a tool to provide security.

This is also why I put Tor browser as the #1 service to provide anonymity, 
because even if nodes exit might be observed, you still have possibilities to 
improve this aspect setting up bridges, besides Tor was created by the US Navy 
Research Laboratory, it is not a big surprise to me that the US were involved 
in this project. When you're talking about defense of freedom, how could one 
not show great admiration and love for the US. I know you have people to talk 
shit about US policies, that the US fucked up in Vietnam or Irak, but where 
would be Europe at right now if no young heroic US soldiers to sacrifice their 
lives to defend freedom and help beating nazi rats ? When I see rise of 
nationalism once again in Europe, I am just so ashamed. They don't know what's 
memory, what's bravery. They want another bloody tyrant on one continent in the 
future, they want the end of time ? Fuck this. Welcome the refugees, stop 

> Since the solution is Tor-specific, probably the best place to start is 
> trying create the whole setup in Whonix-Qubes using the Whonix doc you 
> referenced. The Whonix forum should be able to help you with any 
> specific issues when following their directions.
> Chris

Ok thank you, I'll find out what I can do setting up Whonix. Maybe this will 
fix my issue https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Bridges#How_to_use_bridges_in_Whonix

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