Am Freitag, 16. September 2016 09:52:40 UTC+2 schrieb Drew White:
> If they can get access, whether encrypted or not, it means it's insecure.
> Encryption just takes time to break.
> If you have encrypted files, encrypted with a STRONG password THEN a 2048 bit 
> cypher, THEN it will probably take about 6 months to decypher it and get the 
> data out.

I think you need to educate yourself a bit on the topic of encryption. 
Encryption is secure if you use it correctly. Too secure actually, it's much 
more straightforward to simply torture the information out of someone...

And unless there is a backdoor in AES-256 (which why ideally you would always 
use a combination of several ciphers), it is technically and theoretically 
unbreakable if you used a 256-bit random key. It's much more likely that 
someone will social engineer his way to the data. Matters are entirely 
different with current public key algorithms, which may very well be broken via 
quantum computers, so I wouldn't bet my money on that horse... On the other 
hand those are not the algorithms you use for backup anyway.

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