With a Windows 7 HVM, initially upon creation it is a fixed small window size 
and shows two mouse pointers chasing each other within that HVM window. By 
installing Qubes Windows Tools, both of these limitations are removed. One 
single mouse pointer and full screen resolution are achieved - as well as 
seamless mode becoming available.

My question is, can the same full window size and single mouse pointer 
objectives be achieved when using a Linux-based HVM, such as one in which 
Ubuntu for example is installed? As far as I know, there is no equivalent 
"Qubes Ubuntu Tools" which facilitates this.

I know of course that regular Fedora/Debian/Whonix type PVM's based upon 
templates already do this perfectly, and I use them frequently for almost 
everything. I am asking specifically about an HVM for a special usage case. It 
doesn't have to be Ubuntu specifically, but it does have to be a Linux distro 
capable of running within an HVM under Qubes R3.1.

Does any such option exist?

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