> Looks like either the iso or the boot media is bad.
> Did you verify the iso with gpg? And is the DVD or USB stick big enough 
> (should be at least 7GB)?
> Chris

Thanks for responding, Chris.

I verified the ISO with gpg, cross-referencing the signatures from various 
reliable sources. 

Also, I'm using a 32GB USB. I've actually tried this on multiple USBs, on both 
2.0 and 3.0 jacks. No luck with any of it. Other operating systems install just 
fine off the same USBs.

One thing I forgot to ask is whether I might need to connect my computer to an 
external CD/DVD drive. Seems unusuall since many laptops don't have those these 
days, but the error message makes me think it might be an option. If anyone has 
heard of this, please let me know. Likewise, if this doesn't make sense, let me 
know too. 

Please ask any other questions that might help.

Thanks again,


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