> So for me, EncFS seems the way to go

I looked into using EncFS with Dropbox, but from what reading I did it seemed 
that EncFS was (1) old and not well maintained and (2) insecure whenever an 
attacker can see more than one version of the same file (that is, see the same 
file before and after a modification). Version 1.8 supposedly fixed some of the 
issues but this issue about being able to learn about a file's contents when it 
changes remains (as far as I can tell from reading around). Since Dropbox can 
always see files before and after modification (that's kind of the point of 
it), EncFS seems like an insecure choice to use with Dropbox.

So I'm still looking for a good solution for encrypting a single folder that 
will be synced.

Of course, Dropbox itself would be considered a security risk by many who are 
interested in Qubes. Myself, I'd put up with it if I could localize it to a 
dedicated AppVM.

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