Hi, I use Qubes 3.2-RC3 and have 6 virtual desktops, running a windows10 vm and 
some linux fedora-23 and debian 8 vms.

So when I go away from the computer the screen locks, and I type my 
user password. But somehow the other screens did not get the news, and 
when I switch the desktop and back after some time, I see the unlock screen,
which is not respoonsive and the applications below on the desktop are
visible as it would be with a bad screen update.
If one moves the mouse on the screen, the sections where the mouse was
become visible and usable.
So screenlock/xscreen saver (looks like xlock of good old times :-) does
not lock and provide problems with usability.

Are there others who experience the same problems?

Machine Dell T7400, 12GB DDR2 ECC, 4 core xeon.

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