MY sys info:

Custom built system using SuperMicro C7H170-m & using only onboard cpu video 
which is from an Intel Core I3 6100. Qubes v3.1 official installation.

Mostly a non issue for me now (saw some of this during installation & seemed 
like it disappeared during update phase like it wouldn't reappear) but when I 
tried adding a 2nd display the problem reappears on one display. Cursor is 
invisible on the affected display (if you move the mouse there is a line 
dividing the screen into above & below where if the cursor is close to the 
middle of the screen the desktop is visible above the line & below the desktop 
is a uniform pattern not unlike some wallpaper used for screenlocks) & based 
upon user's actions the display can be seen or obscured but interactions on the 
screen are terribly complicated & occasionally the visual area gets torn up & 
reordered in such a way as to make even that much navigation inpossible. If i 
managed to reach the other display with the cursor everything there is fine. I 
observed to someone on otfc irc qubes that it looked a bit like a form of 
screenlocker that i've seen elsewhere except for this system the screenlocker 
appears to work as intended so I thought i'd run this by everyone.

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