On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 11:10:02 PM UTC-4, neilh...@gmail.com wrote:
> If I type "ifconfig" in "sys-net", it's clear that Ethernet is attached to 
> the "sys-net" VM.
> I would like to attach the Ethernet to the Whonix VM, so that I can use it as 
> a Tor router to route the Tor connection into a 2nd laptop.
> How do you attach Ethernet to a particular VM..? Does anyone know..?
> Thanks

Hi, thats a good Idea, to do this.
Also I have another approach, what do you think to add the tor routing to a 
router like openwrt, so one does not waste too much energy (E.G. XEON CPU and 
16GB RAM) for implementing this network infrastructure.
It would be great to move the networking approach of qubes-os out to a 
Such a subsystem could be a cheap atom based computer with a bunch of 
gbit-interfaces (or if space is a problem /old laptop/ just one that produces 
vlan-tags for a vlan switch).

So my idea would be a cubes-net-box that has some interfaces for external 
connections and that serves 1gbit line with different vlan numbers to one or 
more qubes-os boxes of a group. So this line can also go to a stupid layer2 
switch (no vlan) and be distributed to all qubes-os computers.
This tagged lan contains the different internal networks of a qubes-os computer 
So the personal vms or work vms could share a common network! So people in an 
organization can work together with qubes.
Private lines could still exist in the machine if needed for special anonymity.
For the other cases the qubes-net in the computers could just "subscribe" to 
the vlan-tags of the qubes-net, in order to get the personal-vm-net, torified 
net-whonix (one trusts his organization here to share a torified net). If one 
dioes not trust she just does not subscribe to the vlan of the torified net.

I would like it to have easier access to the net behind the internal nat. 
(printing, scanning via ethernet e.g.)
What do you think?
Is it a good idea?


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