I came to the conclusion that this is all a waste of time.

A hacker (especially nation state) would hack your main home router.

Then hack your endpoint laptop.

Then they can see that both are connected to a dedicated Tor router in the 
middle, through its MAC address or other identifier, such as device name.

So they can see that both are connected to the same dedicated Tor router, and 
thus, they can see who you are that way.

So unless you are confident that you can secure your main home router, then 
this idea of a dedicated Tor router is hopeless.

You would be better off using a QUBES live disc and ONLY use Tor from the very 

As the internal NSA Snowden documents say, "one page request" is all it takes 
to hack you.. but note, they can only do this page request if you are actually 
connecting via your real IP address.

Therefore, use a QUBES live disc, use TOR ONLY (never mix it up with clearnet), 
and make sure your BIOS is freshly installed, and then just cross your fingers 
and hope you don't get hacked while using Tor browser. By all means, use 
NoScript etc.

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