El lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016, 10:18:42 (UTC+2), Dave Ewart  escribió:

> If you want something common to all your terminals, regardless of VM,
> you can add a file to /etc/profile.d which includes all your common
> content (e.g. aliases)
> I use
> /etc/profile.d/mystuff.sh
>     alias h=history ...

Thanks Dave. For me is ok to add what I need in `~/.bashrc`, I was asking just 
out of curiosity. Anyway, I think not loading home profile files breaks with 
the principle of least surprise, but surely supporting it would add some ugly 
hacks in qubes source code.

By the way, can I read somewhere an extension about how `user` user login 
technically happens (or, better said, not happens)?


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