W dniu poniedziałek, 19 września 2016 04:48:11 UTC+2 użytkownik Drew White 
> Hi folks,
> I'm currently running seamless mode on Win7 with the latest Windows Tools on 
> Q3.2R1 (fully updated).
> I set the seamless GUI in the settings and the window displays, and then it 
> shifts and vanishes after flickering.
> I uncheck the box and click ok and nothing happens, I don't get the display 
> up, I don't get the windows back, I don't get anything.
> Has anything changed in the tools recently to cause this issue to occur?
> Or is it something in Windows causing this?

Are you running dual monitors or a high dpi one? I remember a bug that caused 
seamless Windows to not work on these displays.

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