I'm using i3, and I like it so far better than
kde or xfce, but its definitely not the window
manager to start using qubes with.

I have some questions

1. https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/i3/ is very helpful,
   but I'm a bit confused by the configuration instructions
   at the bottom.  It says to install a script qubes_autostart_xdg.sh
   but it doesn't say 
     (a) in which domain
     (b) in which directory
     (c) what filename should be used
   (It would also be helpful to know what the script is needed for)

2. What should I use to launch individual applications from the status
   bar (e.g., keypassx or firefox)?  I'll make key bindings for some,
   but I'll want others on the bar.  These are security sensitive,
   aren't they, since they run in dom0?

3. Is there a recommended way of bringing up VMs?  I'm using qvm-start
   for the VM, and .config/autostart for applications I always want to
   started in the VM.  Any better suggestions?

4. nm_applet seems to sometimes go away.  Any suggestions?

5. I would be pleased to see other peoples config files.


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