Qubes 3.2rc3-testing (and earlier), AMD Athlon X2, GeForce motherboard,
NVidia MCP61 USB controller:

I'm currently running Qubes from an external USB drive.  (Moving to
internal drive as soon as I figure out how to smoothly migrate it.)  For
now, it works great in general.

In the meantime, I've noticed the odd corruption where the root drive
flips into R/O mode (and the system obviously becomes useless).  A reboot,
fsck, reboot gets me back on track, usually with just a journal recovery,
sometimes with the odd recovered inode/count of some recently created
files.  (No major file corruption yet, thankfully.)

I believe one thing that seems to kick in this problem, is
plugging/unplugging *other* USB devices (on same USB bus).  It seems to
sometime upset existing USB drives.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The next time it happens, I'll post some logs.  I think it's fairly
reproducable.  I'm scanning through some old USB drives tomorrow, so I'm
sure it will re-occur, and I'll post some more details.



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