> Anaconda is notorious for messing up specific requests for volume
> layout. You would stand a much better chance of getting help in a fedora
> or redhat forum... they have many more people experienced with this.

Cool, thanks.  I guess it is a more general grub/luks/lvm issue, and not
necessarily Qubes-specific.

> As for copying all of /var/lib/qubes, I'm not sure its a 100% clean way
> to do it.... transferring old qubes.xml directly would be a concern (but
> I may be wrong). Qubes does make it possible to copy a vm's folder into
> /vm-templates or /appvms, then run qvm-add-template or qvm-add-appvm to
> add vms one-by-one into the current system.

Interesting.  In the past, I have had success in moving a single VM by
creating a new VM with the same settings as the old one, then replacing
the files in the vm's directory.  (Sort of the reverse order of what you

Now, if I can only get the booting working . . .  :)


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