On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 00:06:45 UTC+10, grzegorz....@gmail.com  wrote:
> W dniu poniedziałek, 19 września 2016 04:48:11 UTC+2 użytkownik Drew White 
> napisał:
> Are you running dual monitors or a high dpi one? I remember a bug that caused 
> seamless Windows to not work on these displays.

I reduced to 2 monitors to see if that fixed it, but it didn't.
Before I updated the tools, when I had the tools working they worked with the 
single display.

This one however doesn't even do that. If I have 1 display, it still does 
exactly the same thing.

I've had windows tools working on 4 monitors before, so I know that that isn't 
the problem.

4 monitors meaning 1@1680x1050(pri) 2@1920x1080 1@1440x900

And it did work fine.

But since I updated, as I said, fully updated, it is not working properly with 
the tools.

The prior issue with the tools was that seamless mode didn't work AT ALL. and 
NOTHING AT ALL showed up on the screen if it was seamless on a large resolution.
HOWEVER, the workaround for that one, I did tell ages ago, was to have it 
running and have a seamless window open, then plug in the extra monitors and 
have the system recognise them 1 by 1. That way, the seamless desktop grew 
after initialising on a low resolution.

But just trying to initialise it on a large resolution OR screen/display caused 
it to not work.

So I still don't know what is wrong here. But I keep hoping there will be a 
patch that will fix the tools, since they have been broken since Qubes 2 (in 
some way), but they are improving and hopefully soon they will be fully 

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