On 2016-09-19 11:21, Gaijin wrote:
Been running 3.2-rc3 and doing regular checks for updates of Qubes.
Yesterday all was running fine in the sound department. Today, I can't
get sound in any VM. The machine had been on for several days when
this happened. Rebooting has not fixed the issue. Pulling up the dom0
audio mixer in XFCE seems to have the volume levels up and un-muted.
I'm not sure where else to look to troubleshoot.

The sound works fine if I boot to another OS on the same machine
(DVD). The sound hardware seems to work. It's just Qubes affected.

Apparently this is a somewhat common XFCE thing. Using the Alsa mixer widget won't work. Had to open use Q > System Tools > PulseAudio Volume Control. In the Playback tab all of my AppVMs had volume set to zero. I had to manually slide them all up to 100% to restore sound.

I had never touched the PulseAudio settings previously, so I'm not sure what triggered this. Not sure if this warrants raising an Issue.

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