Am 20.09.2016 09:25 schrieb amadaus:
I'd like to create my own personal email server but don not feel
technically competent to set it up securely. However I've read about a
"out of the box" solution called Mail-In-A-Box. Do any Qubes users have
experience or thoughts on this potential solution?

The technical side is a problem, because in my opinion a mailserver is pretty much one of the hardest things you can set up on your own, and to care about on your own. I don't have any experience with Mail in a Box, but with "Mailcow" (, which runs fine for me.
A third alternative would be iRedMail (
But I don't use my own Mailserver for important stuff, only for signing up at all kind of not important websites with email adresses like "".

The positive side of this is that you have more control over your email, the negative that you need to take care of your server so they actually stay secure. If you feel good in keeping your server up2date and to check logs from time to time, you should be fine (hopefully).
If not, I would recommend you to take a good paid hoster for your email.
In this case, two suggestions from me: Protonmail ( and Posteo ( I used Protonmail for a while, but then switched to Posteo because at some point I met the founders, and thought that I rather trust these people that I know than the CERN people from Protonmail. Still, I'd trust one of them most of the time. Also Protonmail has a free inbox and a paid one, Posteo only has paid inboxes.

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