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>> On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 3:55:58 AM UTC-4, Pawel Debski wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> I have Qubes 3.2 up, updated &
>>>         running like a charm. Now the Microsoft challenge. The doc @
>>> instructs to use
>>>         Windows 7. Do you suggest to stick with version 7 or go ahead to
>>>         10 / 8?
>>> -- 
>>>         Z powazaniem / Best Regards
>>>         Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Meilleures salutations
>>>         Pawel Debski
>> Hi I run windows10 w/o windows tools and I replace cut and paste with an 
>> editor to generate a file and then I ssh to the other machines.
>> Also files I can tar.gz and ssh.
>> Here it is good to install cygwin on the windows10, and 
>> also you want to install classic shell and remove cortana, the spy.
>> I did this and it works
> Now I have Windows 7 up and running, but I have some minor stability problems 
> - I used testing version of Qubes Windows Tools as there was no stable 
> version avaiable.
> Did I do something wrong or indeed there is no stable version of Qubes 
> Windows Tools?

There is no version of qubes-windows-tools in the stable repo. The latest 
testing version is 3.2.1-3 and the prior testing release series was 3.0.4-1.

After much testing with Windows 7 on Qubes R3.1, I was unable to get QWT 3.2 
working in a stable fashion. I don't want to lead you astray - this is very 
much YMMV. Everyone seems to have their own personalized experience with 
Windows on Qubes. I think part of the reason for this is that stability is also 
a function of which Windows updates are installed.

I downgraded to QWT 3.0 without PV disk drivers and now have a stable Win 7 
running MS Office with full inter-VM operability.

(Some of the BSODs received while running QWT 3.2:
A device driver has pool.)

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