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> On 2016-09-19 13:36, johnyju...@sigaint.org wrote:
>>> I've finally got Qubes set up in a way I'm comfortable working every
>>> day.
>>> Now I wanted to move that same installation to another drive for its
>>> permanent home.
>> Oh, I also meant to ask this:
>> Does all of the Template/VM state live in /var/lib/qubes?  Obviously the
>> machines' disks do, and it appears that the metadata associated with
>> them
>> lives in /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml (not human readable, tho').
>> Is this correct?  If I do a fresh install of Qubes, and (with no VM's
>> running) bring over my whole /var/lib/qubes directory from another
>> installation, reboot, would I be good to go?  Or are there other subtle
>> things in dom0's root drive that would be out of kilter?
> I'm not sure whether this would work (never tried it). If possible, I'd
> recommend using the built-in backup/restore system instead. This is the
> recommended way to migrate to a fresh installation.
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/backup-restore/

Understood.  I just find the backup/restore painfully slow as compared to
a quick (and incremental, as I work) rsync.

And I did try to do the backup/restore thing, but my destination drive had
some partitions on it I wanted to preserve (as mentioned), and I just
couldn't get the layout I wanted (partition->luks->lvm->swap/root, plus a
sda1 bios boot).

I guess I'll move those three existing encrypted partitions (1.5T, ugh) to
another drive (external USB, blah), do a fresh stock install of Qubes,
then copy those partitions back.  See ya in a week or two.  :P

I'll probably toy around with (and study up on)
grub/dracut/luks/crypttab/initrd a bit more first, though, since I'm so
close.  A little more debugging might do the trick.  I have a perfect
image of the old encrypted swap/root and bios boot partitions on the new
drive.  So it's just a matter of the right grub/dracut magic.  So close,
to avoid a couple of days of copying.

If I do find the magic tweak to make systemd roll along further, I will
follow up here.


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