Hi folks,

I want to build Qubes packages to have a different Dom0, as well as building 
new template for running under Qubes.

Since not even one person has been able to tell me what packages I need to be 
able to run Qubes I have decided that there must not be any real dependencies 
like that which I am thinking and it will just tell me, so I'm wanting to 
enquire as to how I would go about building this.

I'm after instructions that are in enough detail.

Yes, I know there are incomplete instructions on the website, but they are 
rough and incomplete and not understandable. (at least not by me, so they must 
not be technical enough)
Not only that, but they require GIT to be installed.
When reading the documentation I go from one place to another to another and 
back to where I started, none the wiser of anything that I'm trying to find out.

Hope someone can help please.
Thanks in advance.


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