Qubes 3.2 rc3 GUI randomly "freezes" (about once a week), making the system effectively hardly usable for any real work (too unreliable), on a Thinkpad
T500 / Core2 Duo.

Actually such freeze affects the desktop and windows display only:

- Applications still continue to run in the background,
- The mouse cursor can still be moved, it even changes appropriately when
  blindly reaching what correspond to a window border,
- I can switch back-and-forth to a text console (this one didn't work with
  KDE issue),

I had the very same issue with Qubes previous release, but I managed to avoid it by setting KWin to use XRender instead of OpenGL as compositing engine.

Details on the workaround are available here:

This laptop has two graphical chipsets, only the selected one (BIOS setting) being detectable by the OS at any given time. The original issue affecting KDE affected both the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 and the Intel i915, so it was
clearly no driver dependent.

Currently I can only test it with the ATI Radeon card since, due to another unrelated issue Qubes does not seem to support the i915 graphical chipset anymore (both at install and boot time, no problem in running Fedora Live so
this is clearly a Qubes / Xen specific issue).

This old post let me think that other people may encounter a similar issue when
running Qubes on a T500:

I am not up to the highest graphical performances (as for now Qubes would not be the wisest choice for this IMHO), but I would like a reliable system which
is not prone to loose all unsaved work at any time.

For now, I tried to disable compositing and automatically hide the dock to compensate the lack of transparency. This is not very practical but otherwise all those bright red and yellow icons are too much distracting. While I feel back on a pre-2000 era system, at least I hope it may make Qubes a minimum
reliable (crossing my fingers...).

I was happy for months with the XRender workaround in KDE, so if anybody knows any equivalent in the XFCE world or any other way to fix this he will have all
my gratitude :) !

Best regards,

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