On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 17:21:40 UTC+10, johny...@sigaint.org  wrote:
> The screen corruption problem I was seeing was in 3.2 (rc1 I think), and
> the fix was in the VM's (Debian-8/Redhat-23) not dom0.  (It was something
> to do with accessing freed/reallocated memory once swapping started, if I
> remember correctly.)
> JJ

I had the issue in Fedora 23, 22, 21.
Thing is, mine didn't have any swapping.
I had RAM, no swap space/partition on the drive (that's how I re partitioned it)

I have enough RAM that I just allocate full RAM, no swapping needed and no 
balancing. It just uses the RAM it's been assigned.

My guests either run 256MB, 1024MB, 2048MB, 4096MB RAM. Depending on what they 
are used for and the actual O/S they have.

So if it was the swap, then I should not have been affected. If it wasn't, then 
that's why it affected me too. :}

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