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> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 03:56:57PM -0700, Connor Page wrote:
>> In fact, I think the right question is "Will Qubes 4 be compatible with
>> btrfs root if vm storage is expected to reside on a LVM thin pool?"
> This is a good question. The new storage handling is flexible enough to
> allow writing a module to handle btrfs even better than in Qubes 3.x.
> But it is unlikely that we'll manage to write such module for 4.0. If
> someone would contribute such module, then yes - it will be supported.
> Otherwise, probably somehow around 4.1 or later.

4.0 will be less flexible in this respect?

LVM thin volumes sound interesting (just read up on them today) and handy
for allocation, but they'll be mandatory for VM storage??

(Again, as mentioned in my earlier post, btrfs seems like it would meet
the same needs and then some.)

Why is it that so many things I hear about 4.0 are concerning to me?

I realize one must make sacrifices and architectural choices in the name
of progress.

But so far what I know of 4.0 is that it won't run on any of my PCs, it
won't (initially at least) support btrfs root, and the "decomposition"
sounds like it's going to spread configuration stuff in various places
rather than in one spot, the Qubes Manager (well, and the menu), where
they're generally very easy to find.

(There was something else that didn't sit well with me, but it escapes my
feeble mind at the moment.  Might have been something to do with hardware
or processor requirements.)

I know there are some incredibly talented people working on Qubes, and a
great community surrounding it, so my fears are probably largely
unfounded; but I'm a bit afraid to invest in fully settling into and
committing to a system (which has been great so far), if the next major
release won't work for me.

Once 4.0 comes out, what happens to 3.2?  Will it be supported for awhile,
moved forward at all, or just marked as deprecated/EOL'd and more or less


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