> Mr. Harrison:
>> Dear qubes-users,
>> I am long time qubes follower and user. I apologize in advance if anyone
>> feels this request is spam.
>> I am looking for two invite codes needed to sign up to anonymous
>> riseup.net email service.

I agree that asking random strangers for Riseup invites is inappropriate,
especially on a mailing list.

But just FYI, I received my riseup account by mailing the administrators,
explaining the ongoing harassment/hacking/spying situation that
necessitated better email security, and they gave me an account without

sigaint is another option that doesn't require referrals, but does require
Tor to access as it's only available as hidden service (a good thing,


(Sigaint was asking for donations recently, saying they only had a month
or so of operating funds left; so there's a chance they could suddenly
disappear, but for now, it's not a bad option.)



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