Chris wrote:
> Especially if you did the sharing via a separate vpn or ssh tunnel. But
> in general, I don't think Qubes security should be considered much if
> any benefit to adjacent non-Qubes systems.

This is one of my favorite implicit features of Qubes:

Setting up multiple layers of network protection is sooooo much easier
than on a non VM'd system.

When I used to use Tails, I set things up to use VPN-over-Tor, so any
dodgy Tor exit node only sees encrypted VPN traffic, and my nosy ISP
doesn't know if I'm use a VPN, or which provider.  I've also done
Tor-Over-VPN, and VPN->Tor->VPN setups.  :)

It was a nightmare to set up.  And that can lead to mistakes.

On Qubes, it's a simple matter of layering another ProxyVM above
sys-firewall.  Add the NetworkManager service in the VM Manager settings,
and you can configure OpenVPN, and you're good to go.  Any additional
layers are just as easy.

(Qubes-whonix is a good example of such a configuration.)

Memory can be a problem for limited systems (such as mine) and multiple
ProxyVM layers, but (at a slightly greater risk of the effects of a
compromise) could do your VPN configuration right in sys-firewall/sys-net
if you wished, to avoid additional VM's.

For example, with sys-net -> sys-firewall -> sys-whonix -> sys-vpn ->
AppVM (and hey, throw a Tor Browser on top of that if you want to go nuts)
any attacker has quite a few challenges ahead of them.  :)

I generally go with sys-net->sys-firewall->sys-vpn, and Torbrowser when I
need to get to a .onion site.

It's rewarding to fire up iptraf-ng in sys-net, and see nothing but
encrypted packets to your VPN provider, while your AppVM's think they're
just on the regular net.  :)

(Standard disclaimer, of course, that your VPN provider will see any
unencrypted traffic you send through it.  As Chris mentioned,
https-anywhere can with that risk.)


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