> Thank you guys for your help, but unfortunately I don't think there is a
> way to get rid of this process listening on tcp6 on init (systemd... d
> standing here for distant...). It is listed as 1 on PID, I don't think you
> can't remove it, it is a main process. So I am not interested in using
> Qubes anymore because I  disapprove those bad policies on respect of
> privacy.

systemd listens on sockets on behalf of other services (and fires them up
when a connection arrives, similar to "inetd" in days of old).

What does "systemctl list-sockets" show?  Any services that systemd is
providing a listener for should be listed here.

The configuration files that control such behavior could be shown with:

> sudo find /usr/lib/systemd /etc/systemd -name '*.socket'

This may also reveal useful information, but the above is probably

"sudo lsof -i -p 1"



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