> Really ? No one to find also suspicious a wild init/1 tcp6 port listening
> on your templateVM, right out of the box ? This got to be real.
> I am answering you on my phone just because it seems my old Qubes deleted
> partition doesn't like very much my USB key to runs over it, for some
> reason. And this is pissing me off.
> So let me rephrase : how do you completely remove Qubes OS from your hard
> drive so that eventually it might still accept another OS install ? Fuck
> this shit.
> Btw on any decent OS you can clear your own partitions on installation
> window and refresh your own disk without installing the OS. On Qubes you
> can't. You are supposed to run the install to do so. And it seems the
> install fucks your hardware next -.-

Ummm, I think I'm tending to agree with Unman's suspicions:

> and I wonder if it's a troll anyway, when I look at some of the
> later comments.

I deem thee a troll.  An angry, foul-mouthed troll.

Or someone who has an agenda against Qubes' goals.

Either that, or you're in way over your head technology-wise and don't
have the patience to work through it, even with a community trying to help

I might suggest you go install Windows (or buy a tablet) and take out your
anger elsewhere.



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