Hi everybody,
I'm back with a brand-new workstation setup to try Qubes on. I bought a
Matrox C680 and hooked up six monitors to its DisplayPort outputs. I'm
using Qubes R3.2 fully updated as of now, with XFCE.

Long story short, dom0 is able to use all six monitors in the
configuration I set up (two rows, three monitors each row) - it was not
that easy, had to manually fix the numbers in
~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml because the
graphical display configuration tool kept being a couple of pixels off,
and it was very frustrating.

Anyway my problem is with AppVMs. Once they are started, it seems like
their virtual screen is "clipped" with respect to that of dom0. Namely,
when I try to perform any mouse action on windows in the first two
monitors (top-left and top-middle), nothing happens in the appVM windows
contents (i.e. they do not react to any event, hover nor click).

I've had this problem before, and that was when the screen geometry
changed after the VMs were started - I used to have a Qubes laptop, and
changing the display placement in dom0 after VMs were started did result
in clipped "virtual screens".

My question is: does Qubes R3.2 support notifying screen change event to
AppVM? would that be a security problem? Is there a way for me to "tell"
specific AppVMs that dom0's screen geometry has changed, maybe telling
the new situation too?

Simpler; since my situation is fixed (i.e. I won't be adding nor moving
any monitors around), can I fix this once and for all by copying the
same geometry I put in my user's XFCE configuration into some global
XFCE file? I noticed that VMs are started with the login-screen display
geometry, but that is changed to the actual displays.xml settings once
the user logs in, so maybe setting that as the default geometry could
change the virtual screen seen by AppVMs... Could that work?


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