> Also just to add qubes devs have fedora template with less listening
> process then debian-8 which is not default and more community based.  But
> if you want to use use debian instead for your sysnet or firewall or w/e.
>  You can disable all the listening processes yourself.

It's an outstanding ticket (among a few other related ones):


As compared to all the other stuff the Qubes devs have on their plates, I
assume it's a relatively low priority, since Debian-8 is a bit of an
"addon" as compared to Fedora-23, and its easy enough for someone to fix
in the template themselves.

The "listening" services are less of a concern, since the firewall
wouldn't permit any incoming connections to be passed through to start
with.  It's the "phone home" style services, like time sync, Samba name
lookups on microsoft servers, and such, that are more concerning, and

I was not pleased to see the Debian vm, by default, connecting to some
microsoft servers for Samba name resolution, lol.  Especially when I never
use any SMB style naming, nor programs, to start with.



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