> My PC's RT clock might drift by a few seconds each week

Actually, it's not even that bad.  I'm sure I've fired up motherboards or
laptops that haven't been touched in years, and their clocks were accurate
within a minute.

So there's no need for synchronizing your time so frequently.

I just read that NTP apparently adjust the frequency of polling based upon
how fast your clock seems to be drifting, which is admirable.


But the poll interface ranges from 64 to 1024 seconds; even at the high
end, that seems unnecessarily frequent from the very small amount of clock
drift I've experienced.

But flipping to a GPS-based source instantly eliminates those concerns.

Question: for what purpose do we require super-accurate clocks in the
first place?  There are some rolling password algorithms based upon time,
and certificates handling will get cranky if you're months or years off,
but other than that, what is the necessity of keeping a PC within seconds
of the correct time?

(On tails, when it starts up, it does a time synchronization, claiming
it's required for Tor purposes.  Anyone know the nature of that?)


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