> It may no longer be the case, but it used to be that most USB keyboards
> and mice had controllers that also automatically auto-detected and
> supported PS/2, with a simple passive passthrough dongle between the
> USB->PS/2 connection.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cool-PS2-Female-to-USB-Male-Port-Mouse-Adapter-Converter-Connector-for-Keyboard-/321935935564?hash=item4af4e0884c:g:F98AAOSwgApW-yRg
> $0.75 each, including international shipping.
> You or someone you know may even have such dongles kicking around; if so,
> given them a try.  The common logitech ones seem to work for most every
> keyboard/mouse I've tried.

I should mention that if you're paranoid, are a high-value targeted
individual, or simply have a psycho on your butt, you may want to do a
good check of such a dongle with a ohmmeter or scope.

Or even better, wire your own.

It's a wonderful place to hide a keylogger.  :)


I have a couple of these in my "JJ's Meseum of Dodgy Devices."

Thankfully I didn't have to pay for them myself, but they were graciously
snuck into my inventory of parts by secret admirers.  So very kind of
them, and without even wanting credit.  :)



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