On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 12:46:10 UTC+10, johny...@sigaint.org  wrote:
> Pretty sure the answer is "no."  You can assign a whole USB bus (which is
> typically a single PCI device) to a VM, but you can't split it up beyond
> that, other than the default of having dom0 relay specific devices to
> specific VM's (which isn't dom0 USB isolation at all).
> My mobo has 8 USB ports, but they're all on a single bus, so it's all or
> nothing.

Hi JJ,

My PC has 10 USB Bus's.
My keyboard and mouse are on bus 10, which is PCI device XXXX.XX.X and I left 
that one on Dom0.

However I now have another issue...

"Error starting VM 'sys-usb': Requested operation is not valid: PCI device 
0000:00:1a.0 is in use by driver xenlight, domain sys-usb"

What does this mean?
It does this for each PCI device. I have removed them 1 by 1 just to verify.

Why won't it just assign the device?

FYI: I have plenty of adapters lying around. But thanks for thinking about that.

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