> Hi JJ,
> Did some more testing, you were right, I only have 3.

Hey, that's still pretty handy for separation.

In Qubes VM Manager, for a chosen VM, you *should* be able to pick a given
PCI USB device and assign it.

Only having one USB bus myself, also used for root, I haven't tried this.

I have a USB PCI card I've been tempted to use for similar reasons.  But
once again, it was given to me out of the blue, which doesn't put it in my
"trusted hardware" chain.

Not that *any* use bus or device should ever be trusted, the main
motivation for us stuffing them in a VM.  :)

> I have 2 bus's on the motherboard...
> I plugged a USB drive into each set to find out which were which.
> But that doesn't explain why it isn't working when I even just attach my
> USB3 card to the USBVM.
> That alone should work, but it doesn't.

Agreed, it should work, from my understanding.  You reboot after assigning

There's some protection about PCI devices not being allowed to go back to
dom0 for reassignment after use, to protect against potentially
compromised devices then touching dom0 (to DMA-attack away):


Not sure if that's relevant or not.  I'm over my head with this, and just
guessing, so I probably shouldn't be giving advice, lol.

> So this means I should be able to attach the USB3 card, and the 4 other
> USB to the USBVM, leaving 2 attached to Dom0 for my use.

Makes sense to me.  (Again, getting those darn keyboard/mice off of USB
and onto PS/2 certainly wouldn't hurt figuring things out.)

> So why does it have the error?

dmesg have any hints?  (Or is that where the error messages your are
seeing are coming from in the first place?)


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