On Thursday, 29 September 2016 15:03:45 UTC+10, entr0py  wrote:

> It gives me no pleasure (well...) to gang up on a guy who obviously doesn't 
> have the slightest notion of what it means to possess even a modicum of 
> social grace. But in the absence of a downvote button, how else do you voice 
> your disapproval of a community member that is as ignorant as he is arrogant 
> and who repeatedly insults fellow users that try to help? 

Well, I did not intentionally insult the person who first answered my questions 
at the start of my response. 
All he did was give me links that I had already read, that are the first things 
I go to before I speak here.

My entire post was directed at devs, so posted towards the devs, but posted 
here in users to allow others with the knowledge to provide an answer as well 
if they had the answer.

> [BTW, it's all Marek's fault for having the extraordinary patience to indulge 
> this buffoon with a straight face.]

Marek's one of the very few people that have ever taken the time to actually 
read what I write and give me a solid answer to what I ask.
I have great respect for that man.

> You should have stuck to Edition and just said, "Thanks for the answer", 
> because now you look like a bigger idiot than when you began. A Windows 
> version/build/release is just a collection of installed updates. That means 
> that whatever version you install changes the moment you update it. Did you 
> expect the devs to test every possible combination of Windows updates? Or to 
> test a buggy old release?

IF you had READ what I wrote, you would have seen me say that I did appreciate 
it. Maybe you missed that bit?

Well, you do know what the version is. At least you can tell the difference 
between version and edition. That puts you one step higher than most of the 
other people here.

I do not expect them to have done that, but if they said it needs at least 
version 1.6.7601, then I would have said "ok thanks", or else they could have 
said they need version X of this and Y of that and A of the other... And listed 
that they need specific things for the tools to work correctly.

> Perfectly. Drew, thank you for refining your initial question to make it more 
> "technical". 
> Because now, the answer is... 
> EXACTLY THE SAME as the one Foppe gave you at the outset. 

Nope, that is not the answer, and doesn't answer the question.
If it does and I have misunderstood, then please, explain.

> My bad, here's the technical version coming from an end-user: RTFM. (The 
> answer starts with R- and ends with -PM.) I know it's hard to believe but, 
> #IAmNotADev.

You may not be a dev, but you have the technical knowledge to know more than 
the end-users that don't know enough to answer the question(s)

> Oh, you wanted a specific answer... Well, if you're performing a Gaussian 
> Blur on a 16 megapixel photo of Donald Trump eating a Taco using Photoshop, 
> then you need 3,824,110,293 bytes of RAM and 2 cores. On the other hand, if 
> you're playing Minesweeper while eating a taco yourself, then the requirement 
> changes to 2,015,289,787 bytes of RAM and 1.42 cores.
> And now... in the #DevFetish + #LeaveMarekAlone category:

That doesn't answer my question. That isn't Qubes Windows Tools, that's 
different applications.

Here I was thinking you had brains and you were even starting to gain my 
respect, but now you say this and become so stupid I have to say, you are just 
trolling me, and you have entered into the realm of Jeremy Rand, the person on 
this forum that blocked me because I was right and he was wrong and he keeps 
trying to make me look bad and say bad things just to defame me and troll me. 
Which I was sick of, so I made him block me, so, now, please, do the same thing.

> You're too modest. You make people's heads explode with your mastery of 
> complex subjects - for fun!
No, not at all, it just turns out that way sometimes.

> Just including some highlights so Jeremy doesn't feel like he's missing out.
lol, you provide stuff for the troll?

> And a rhetorical question: What happens if /dev/null overflows?
That's just like "How much food do I have to eat before I am full?"

> [I don't usually sign my posts, but this one...]

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