On Friday, September 30, 2016 at 5:14:59 PM UTC-4, nishi...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Could a Qubes developer pay attention on this ticket, please ?
> I can't reinstall any other OS than Qubes on my HDD. When I put in a USB key, 
> it doesn't boot on it, it switches directly to the GRUB menu.
> I am sure at 100% it comes from some sort of disk protection that Qubes put 
> on my disk. I am also sure that those USB keys would work on any other HDDs, 
> as they are properly burnt.
> I tried to reinstall Qubes without disk encryption. It didn't change the 
> outcome.
> How do I remove this disk block so I can use USB keys to install another OS 
> than Qubes ?
> If you wanna make hostages, then say it on your web page because right now my 
> disk is unusable and it's Qubes responsibility at 100%.
> I'll wait here until someone tells me how to completely erase Qubes from my 
> disk (USB PROTECTION INCLUDED) so that EVENTUALLY I could switch to another 

I thought you were asking how to disable ipv6.   I don't know much about usb 
keys,  I doubt qubes locked your pc,  check in bios maybe?  Maybe someone else 
can chime in.

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